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Crisis Management

From time to time crises occur. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others; or if you or someone else is at risk of being harmed in any way this qualifies as a crisis. Other crises may vary in intensity and need for immediate treatment. Please take your thoughts and feelings seriously and reach out for help right away.


At Crossway, we want to be helpful to you in any way that we can, but we are not a crisis response facility. We are open Monday through Thursday with appointments in the morning, afternoon and some evenings. On Fridays we are open by appointment only. If you are experiencing a crisis outside these times, please do the following:

1. If your crisis is life threatening call 911 immediately or proceed to the nearest hospital for evaluation and treatment. I

2. You may also call the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225. This is a state wide crisis line that operates 24/7. They will assess your level of need and help you find immediate service in times of crisis. 


3. If your crisis is not life threatening, please call our front office at 678-782-7718 during normal business hours and allow our staff to assess your situation and give you guidance.

4. If you are a current client, you may also contact your therapist per the methods of contact established on your first visit. Please notify your therapist as soon as possible if a crisis has occurred so they are able to help you recover quickly.

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